D2012plus High speed micro centrifuge 100W capacity small size lab centrifuge

D2012plus High speed micro centrifuge 100W capacity small size lab centrifuge

product Description

1.The maximum speed is 15000 rpm, the maximum relative centrifugal force (RCF) is 15100xg, and the small model is widely used;
2.The powerful DC brushless motor is maintenance free, fast in driving and easy to accelerate to the set speed;
3.Suitable for various specifications of centrifuge tubes: When combined with the rotor adapter, plastic rotors can be used for 0.2mL, 0.5mL, 1.5mL and 2mL centrifuge tubes. One rotor can be used for many purposes.
4.D2012 Plus passed its strict EU EN61010-2-20 special safety standard for centrifuges – explosion test, and obtained CE, cT | Vus and FCC international safety product certification;
5.D2012 Plus has passed various low-voltage electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility tests, and has obtained the certificate of standard compliance;
6.High speed and stable operation, large safety margin: cast iron chassis, low center of gravity, stable and reliable operation. Four vacuum suction cup feet are installed under the chassis for double safety assurance;
7.Wide voltage design ensures stable operation under any conditions, speed is not affected by voltage fluctuation, and speed accuracy is high.

Specification of the High Speed Mini Centrifuge D2012plus

D2012 plus
Max. Speed
15000rpm(500-15000rpm), increment:100rpm
Max. RCF
15100×g, increment: 100×g
Speed Accuracy
Rotor Capacity
Run Time
Driving Motor
Brushless DC motor

Safety Devices

Door interlock,

Over-speed detection,
Over-temperature detection, Automatic internal diagnosis

Single-phase, AC100V-240V
50Hz/60Hz, 3A ,100W
Noise level
Acceleration/Braking time
Advanced features
Speed/RCF switch,Short-time run function,sound-alert function

Order Info

Cat. No.P/NDescriptionsPower supply
9032002121D2012 plusHigh Speed Mini Centrifuge (CE marked), with A12-2P plastic rotor kit(select 19400010)(package contain in the box)US plug, 100-240V/50Hz/60Hz
Cn plug, 100-240V/50Hz/60Hz
Euro plug, 100-240V/50Hz/60Hz
UK plug, 100-240V/50Hz/60Hz