Portable suction filtration equipment

Portable suction filtration equipment

product Description

Portable suction filtration equipment, device.

The PSF-100 portable suction filtration device is a portable, fast and reliable portable suction filtration device specially designed for the on-site filtration of water samples during the water quality sampling process. On-site sampling requirements for determination of soluble elements by plasma emission spectrometry and sampling requirements for determination of copper, lead, zinc, copper, iron and manganese in GJW-03-SSG-001 “National Surface Water Environmental Quality Monitoring Network Operation Instructions”.

Portable suction filtration device

Features of Portable suction filtration equipment

  • The host adopts an integrated design with simple style, beautiful appearance, small and light, and easy to carry;
  • The quick-open battery box is convenient for users to quickly complete battery replacement on site;
  • The fuselage has its own storage compartment design, and various tools such as filters, tweezers, labels, and pens are neatly stored for easy access.
  • The portable aluminum alloy three-proof box stores the host, sample bottles and all available accessories in a unified manner, making on-site operations more efficient more reliable.
  • The special high-performance high-capacity carp battery is light and durable, and the battery life of a single battery can reach more than 12 hours.
  • Installing a single battery in daily work can reduce the weight of the whole machine. In special operations, double batteries can be connected in parallel to obtain an ultra-long battery life of more than 24 hours. Endurance effect;
  • The fuselage is equipped with an LCD power display, and the balance can be observed in real time;
  • Equipped with 12V and 220V two chargers, suitable for car charging or direct charging, convenient to replenish power at any time.
  • High-performance brushless motor diaphragm vacuum pump, high negative pressure, strong suction, negative pressure greater than 75kPa, easy to filter various water samples;
  • There is an adjustment knob to realize stepless adjustment of suction filtration speed or suction filtration negative pressure;
  • Add 0.2um-PTFE high-performance water-blocking air filter to provide the best protection, effectively waterproof and corrosion-resistant, and the vacuum pump has a longer service life.
  • The switch button of the fuselage adopts a waterproof design, and the vent is equipped with a sand-proof and dust-proof net, which is more suitable for field operations;
  • the whole machine is equipped with complete accessories, including a special filter membrane (100mm-PES-0.45um-water filter membrane), filter tweezers, Pens, waterproof labels, sampling bottles, etc. are all available, which is very considerate, and only needs to be replenished regularly after work.

Technical Parameter

Sampling flow: 12L/min (no load)
Load capacity: greater than -75kPa, brushless motor diaphragm vacuum pump, stepless adjustment of suction filtration speed or suction filtration negative pressure, water resistance and corrosion resistance
Battery capacity: 12V12Ah (single battery)
Rated power: 12W
Battery life: >12h (single battery) ; >24h (dual battery)
Noise: <55dB(A)
Dimensions: 240x150x300mm (LxWxH)
Machine weight: 5.0kg+0.2kg (single battery); 5.8kg+0.2kg (dual battery) Charging method: Equipped with dual chargers, can be directly connected to 220V or vehicle 12V for use or charging Filter specifications: diameter 100mm/water system 0.45um filter membrane
(0.45um-100mm-PES-Water System Membrane Item No.: PES1004520) Three-proof design: the switch button is intimately waterproof, and the air vent is equipped with a sand-proof and dust-proof net, which is more suitable for field work